Warrior Swarm X Lacrosse Head Review | Worth The Hype?

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The WARRIOR SWARM X lacrosse head hails from Warrior and is an NFHS or NCAA licensed one. It comes at an affordable pricing range and is a top-rated product.

The lacrosse head is one of the most remarkable ones in the line of the warrior’s head. You will get adequate pinch, stiffness, weight, and stringing that will fit in the position.

In this article, you will come to know about some of its features and advantages that make it better over the competitors.

Warrior Swarm X Lacrosse Head Details:

Sometimes it happens so that finding the best lacrosse stick head becomes a difficult entity. This head is available for sale on the website.

The best seller head is an aggressively designed piece. It is perfect for advancing youth players who want to play in the backyard. even professionals love it for its level of performance.

It is the best seller head that will be adequate in terms of meeting with the norms of the universal X heads.

There is a design that is optimum for the advancing players to start with the games. It makes use of their TruOffset Technology for the creation of the lowered pocket.

So, you will get extra power on the shot when you use this lacrosse head. The design is also a high-end one that goes with the pickup ground balls.


  • It comes with the wider face for helping defensive players to get pickoff passes.
  • There is a reinforced sidewall for giving the maximum strength along with the entire length of the sidewall.
  • It also comes with the perfect scoop angle for letting your handle easily the ground balls that are present on the run.

The verdict of Warrior on the Warrior Swarm X Head

According to the company, the Swarm X Head becomes the aggressive new true offset Technology for the creation of the lowered pocket. It will take power on the shots.

They say that the design is a specific one for driving an effortless pick up above the ground balls. According to the manufacturer’s, the head is perfect for college and high school.

Lacrosse head size regulations of this model abide by the norms and have that optimum head width and length. In 2015, lacrosse sessions, everyone witnessed the use of the crosshead that was marked as U or X. All the levels of play like NCAA and NFHS.

They also state that a player may use the head that has the mark of NFHS or HS in the case of High School lacrosse.

So, they abide by all the norms of the lacrosse head that will give confidence in the games of high school and college lacrosse.

The headstrong colour is something that makes it dramatically elegant over the competitor models.

The colours are usually green or black which falls under the criteria of X specifications. The legal Swarm X Head is a brand new model available at an affordable price range.

Final word:

There are some extensive features already mentioned above.

The wide face makes it a specially designed model for the defensive players who find the vivid output out of it.

The reinforced sidewall is something that if more specific over the competitive models. There is good strength along the entire length of the sidewall. There is the availability of the player’s sidewall for scooping up the ground balls.

Besides, the slightly offset head plane with normal width makes it applicable for inclining towards the recommended positions.

The players will get stiffness in the quality crosshead.

The product is a guaranteed one to last over many years. Players who are starting with the beginning level can find that these lacrosse heads will allow them to develop skills bit by bit. That’s it for Warrior Swarm X Lacrosse Head Review.


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