Cascade S Helmet Review | Worth the Hype?

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Safety is the fundamental norm that we need to care about while playing up any game.

Playing games refreshes one’s mind, but if we want the best results, we need to keep a check on the safety measures also.

Safety gears are one of the essential parts of any active gameplay, especially ones related to the head.

Head is one of the most vulnerable parts of the body. A smaller impact is quite enough to ruin your entire career and life.

So, it gets quite essential to have no suitable headgear for security in your head in active and aggressive gameplay like Lacrosse.

Selecting the best one out in the series is surely not so easy, and especially when you are a newbie.

For making it easier for our readers, we are going to present an honest and unbiased Cascade S Lacrosse Helmet Review for you.

You will get to know about the different features of this beautiful product and the brief pros and cons here in this content also.

Cascade S: Pros and Cons


The perfect option for different head sizes
Slightly higher and rounded dome ensuring better protection
Angled face mask for ideal viewing
Extremely comfortable option
Suitable for top collegiate and high school gaming
Comes up in different colour combinations


Pricing is a bit higher
Does not suit well to the needs of pro players

Enjoy the Safe Lacrosse Gameplay With Cascade S Lacrosse Helmet.

Suppose you are willing to enjoy safe lacrosse gameplay. In that case, Cascade S Lacrosse Helmet is going to be the perfect lacrosse helmet option for you.

It is one of the most attractive headgear options available in the market that keeps your Fhead safe during the gameplay and also ensures users to have perfect viewing throughout.

Accidents can happen any time, and this lacrosse helmet is the ideal option to keep your head safe throughout the game.

Cascade S Lacrosse Helmet is a triumph of lacrosse engineering. This helmet option is tested and trusted by a vast range of lacrosse gamers throughout the world.

The product is quite famous due to the presence of different unique and advanced features out there.

Cascade S fulfils all the best aspects of the Cascade Line and provides players with a beautiful experience that they surely never had before. Before proceeding further, we would like to tell you that Cascade S Lacrosse Helmet is one of the leading sellers at

The lacrosse head provides perfect fitting to different head options.

The lacrosse head comes in various colour options, and that makes it entirely more accessible for everyone to customise it as per their preferences.

Cascade S Lacrosse Helmet is an assurance to have on comfortable wear, perfect vision and perfect protection any time.

Features of Cascade S Lacrosse Helmet

Having a perfect lacrosse helmet is utmost required before starting up the game of Lacrosse.

It is one of the active gameplays where the chances of being hurt are quite higher. One can easily face a lot of higher impacts throughout the gameplay.

Therefore, it gets quite essential to have on a suitable lacrosse helmet like Cascade S Lacrosse Helmet.

It is one of the leading lacrosse helmet options available in the market that comes up with beautiful features like:

  • Cascade S Lacrosse Helmet is a perfect example of engineering. The product comes up with a slightlyhigher, and rounder dome whereas the face mask involved is also bit more angled. Design of this lacrosse helmet ensures perfect protection to the players while taking care of the ideal vision also.
  • Cascade S Lacrosse Helmet provides absolute comfort and flexibility. The product is to withstand the higher impacts successfully. In contrast, the presence of an inner lining ensures users to have total breathable experience. One doesn’t; need to think much about sweat off during the gameplay.
  • This lacrosse helmet fulfils all the needs of the collegiate and high school players. It is an excellent option that can be effortlessly worn on by the elite lacrosse players for longer training hours sessions.
  • Cascade S Lacrosse Helmet comes up with the circumference of 21.5”-24”, and that mostly fits the majority of the head sizes. Users can easily adjust the head settings as per their preferences.
  • The lacrosse helmet ensures users to have increased vision. The helmet sits slighter higher, and that makes it quitemore natural for the players to have better up and downfield ideas without any issues.
  • The presence of 1000’s of colour combinations makes this lacrosse helmet quite favourable for the players who are willing to customise it as per their preferences.


Cascade S Lacrosse Helmet is the perfect lacrosse helmet option that provides absolute protection to the player while taking care of the vision and comfort also.

It is an ideal option for collegiate and high school players. It holds on the capability of bearing higher impact successfully. That’s it for Cascade S Lacrosse Helmet.

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