Brine Clutch Lacrosse Shaft Review | Worth The Hype?

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Brine Clutch Lacrosse Shaft Review – It’s time to give your review about the BRINE CLUTCH LACROSSE SHAFT. These shafts are the lightest ones available in the present market.

If you are worried about choosing a carbon fibre or a wooden lacrosse shaft, we are there to help you.

These shafts will definitely cover you in every way.

So, now rest assured with our review article. We will help you in buying the new lacrosse shaft by checking some of the high-end features.

The BRINE CLUTCH LACROSSE SHAFT is a remarkable model in many ways. In this article, you will get to know some essential aspects.

Brine Clutch Lacrosse Shaft Striking specifications:

New Matte finish that comes with the combined simple graphic. There is a premium and clean look.

No Grip for a smooth, and natural alloy feel.

Traditional die shape along with rounded edges will ensure the delivery of natural rotation while cradling.


The sweet new colourways, as well as the simplistic design, makes the shaft a higher-end model than others.

It comes as a bestseller option for the different players in the lacrosse games. The clutch comes with the sharp and pointed edges than other shafts.

So, it naturally becomes a top choice for the advancing offensive players.

It is durable and lightweight to make it the expected offensive model. The shaft is particularly designed for speed.

The lightest Brind series shaft now comes with the excellent alloy material. The rounded edge shape helps with the creation of a natural feel on your stick.

Colour and Styles

The brine clutch shaft has a range of colour and size options. The colours available are- Navy, black, royal blue, red, orange, forest green, and silver.

You will also get styles for all positions. Some of them are mentioned below:

Attack and Middies-30″



Long Stick Middies (LSM)-60″

An Original Mark of Quality.

Brine lacrosse makes the Brine Clutch a great option for advanced as well as new lasers. It becomes the true classic among lacrosse shafts!

The latest reviews of the customer suggest that the clutch shaft is designed particularly for beginner and professional players.

When compared to some other models, it is cheaper.

The brine lacrosse clutch is manufactured with the presence of good friction grip. So, it won’t wear off at any circumstances.

The performance SL2 alloy will let the users handle it with care and faster. It will deliver better results with more durability.

Advantages of the Brine Lacrosse Clutch Shaft:

  • It has the full-length Friction Grip that won’t wear off
  • Performance of SL2 Alloy handle is an excellent one
  • There are lighter, faster and more durable parts with the varieties of good designs.

Here have a look at the types of Lacrosse Shafts/Handles:

Aluminum Lacrosse Shaft

The most common shaft with aluminium handle delivers good strength to weight ratio. This shaft is great for the players of all ages.

Moreover, the advancing technology is making them stronger and lighter is especially for the higher level lacrosse players.

The aluminium shapes become specialised for all positions and even goalies.

Titanium Lacrosse Shaft

These shafts are better in terms of their highest strength to weight ratio.

They are also sometimes better when compared to the aluminium shafts.

The superior strength makes them handle better playability.

The lacrosse players who are looking for the durable handles will get withstanding stability without sacrificing the weight. It is a reliable piece for MLL professionals.

Composite Lacrosse Shaft

Composite lacrosse shafts with high-grade carbon fibre, provide great strength and weight. So, now be ready to experience the ultimate feel and control.

With this shaft, you don’t need additional grip tape.

Alloy Lacrosse Shaft

Unmatched feel and weight let these shafts become excellent in the game and also deliver great strength. Built-in grips deliver the players a unique and advantageous feel.

Variations of C405, Vanadium, as well as other mixed metal combinations, will set remarkable outputs.

Scandium Lacrosse Shaft

High-performance element 21 Scandium lacrosse shafts deliver the best strength-to-weight ratio.

Lacrosse players of all positions will get the enhanced impact of the great feel and durability.

Pocket vs. Head  designs

Most great players who are new and experienced alike can play great lacrosse with plenty of head shapes.

When they choose the pocket designs, they will get the individualized aspect of lacrosse.

Again the SL2 alloy that comes as a combination of the Speed dies shape delivers lightweight performance as well as improved durability.

Final Word

We have provided the necessary information to you regarding the Brine clutch lacrosse shaft. You can try out for yourself and enjoy it.

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