Brine King Magnum Lacrosse Shaft Review | Worth The Hype?

Brine King Magnum Lacrosse Shaft Review – Lacrosse shafts are important gears for any player who is playing the sport. A lot of factors need to be reviewed before choosing the right shaft for your game.

But again with so many options in front of you, it can be quiet confusing about which shaft would be the right one for you.

Factors like the weight of the shaft or the making material of it, play an important role in this process.

Let us move forward and have a look at the detailed review of the Brine King Magnum Lacrosse Shaft. 

A Detailed Overview of Brine King Magnum Lacrosse Shaft:

The Brine King Magnum Lacrosse Shaft is one of the best combinations of the two most unique features of a Lacrosse Shaft.

It provides an awesome level of durability being incredibly lightweight at the same time.

The Magnum material which has been used in this shaft makes this unique combo successful.

The material is made from an Aluminium alloy which allows it to be lightly weighted as well.

Using this shaft for an important game wouldn’t be a bad decision at all for any professional or novice Lacrosse player.

While talking about the design and graphics of this Lacrosse shaft, one has to admit that it is absolutely superb.

The graphical imprints are directly anodized into the metal.

So you can rely on the fact that no matter how much wear and tear happens on the field while holding it everyone will know who is the “King” of the game.

It comes with a Diamond Blasted texture on both sides which makes it very trendy and appealing to players.

The Shaft has been designed for professional Lacrosse players who are ready to attack their opponents.

With the amazing Weight to Strength Ratio, this shaft becomes the right choice for any player.

Because of the amazing strength on offer the players would never have to worry about their shaft breaking.

For those who prefer a different material like Carbon Fibre or wood because of their lightweight, the Brine Ling Magnum lacrosse Shaft should be the first option. 

No matter what position you are playing in or, whether you are a Pro in this game or not, for this price range you cannot get anything better for yourself.

There are two clours on offer for this shaft which is black and silver. These colors make the Brine King Magnum More aggressive.

The Brine King Magnum Lacrosse Shaft would be suitable for Attack, Middie, Defense, Goalie, and  LSM too. 

Size Chart for the Brine King Magnum Lacrosse Shaft:

  • The appropriate size for Attack and Middies would be – 30 inches
  • The appropriate size for Defense would be – 60 Inches
  • The appropriate size for Goalies would be – 40 inches
  • The appropriate size for  Long Stick Middies (LSM) would be – 60 inches

Final Words:

If you have gone through the detailed overview of the Brine King Magnum Lacrosse Shaft, then you should understand that it is the ultimate Shaft available in the market for this price range.

There no better example of Value for Money than this Lacrosse shaft. With the incredibly lightweight you would feel that you aren’t holding anything at all.

Yet just by holding the shaft, you will understand that it’s meant for being the King of the field.

The Bire King Magnum Lacrosse Shaft would definitely make any player feel confident enough about crushing their opponents and winning the game.

With a value of $100, you cannot expect anything more from a Lacrosse Shaft.

Whether you want to defend your team or you want to attack the opponents, this shaft would be the one that you should look for.  That’s it for Brine King Magnum Lacrosse Shaft Review.

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