Brine Swizzle Scandium Lacrosse Shaft Review | Worth The Hype?

Brine swizzle scandium lacrosse shaft is popular for its ability to offer a high-end offensive shaft.

These ultra-lightweight products have access to a strategic grip zone towards the butt and at the high-level direction.

The grip is placed on the downside of the shaft. It thus can allow a maximum feel and the user enjoys better control over the operation.

The superior technology-adapted offensive shafts are priced at the most economic range too.


  • Powered by ‘Seven Technology’ liner. It helps displace the energy laterally after direct impact.
  • The above incident minimizes the effects of Gravitational Forces and prevents concussions.
  • The use of potential absorbing foam helps in keeping the head free of perspiration.
  • The supreme lightweight helps in frequent movement.


  • The use of advanced technology has made the product a bit costlier.

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Version of Brine

While manufacturing the brine swizzle scandium lacrosse shaft, the company had embraced a new elite grip technology.

The elite gripping technology is strategically placed over the key shaft zones. A suitable grip helps in increasing the torsion at the times the player dodges or passes the ball.

The beautiful texture in grip zones offers the user with a perfect amount of hold without tacking the touch.

Overall view of Brine Swizzle Scandium Lacrosse Shaft

With Brine Swizzle Scandium Lacrosse Shaft, the company could arrange a facelift in the year 2012.

The steel sturdiness of the product is due to the featuring of lightweight scandium alloy construction.


It is characterized by a three-dimensional grip and zone talk finish and the company is planning to offer some makeover to the overall dimension.

Brine has decided to go with the “King” logo whereas Mickey Powel was summarily rejected by the management some years back.

The supreme lightweight thanks to the use of Swizzle Scandium helps the product to handle with ease. Such property is invariably liked by the users.

The beautiful shape

People like the cross-section profile offered with the standard octagonal shape of the product. The rubber coating helps make the edges more rounded. Convex looks are offered in the products.

Grip of Brine Swizzle Scandium Lacrosse Shaft

brine swizzle scandium lacrosse shaft offers rather sticky grip features. Some of the users even express the opinion that the product comprises several grip hops.

It embraces the Zone Tak coating.

It works to allow sound gripping features to the product. An interlaced grip pattern will be seen along the bottom half of the shaft and off towards the top.

These two incomparable features make for an exceptional gripped shaft on the combination. The tape is thus nowhere required.

Over completion of a number of stick checks, the raised grip and he Zone Tak coating start chipping off.

There are times when the duo took poke check resulting in the flying off of a chunk.

Despite the fact that the experts even are not sure about the lasting duration of the gripping properties, but it increases onlooker disappointment.

Any visitor will be surprised at how the shaft misses out on the grip. While dodging, the players would definitely hold the stick one-handed. Grips of this type will definitely be helpful in gripping the stick with strength at that time.

Since you will be bereft of such an advantage, just flip the brine swizzle scandium lacrosse shaft around. The action will be followed by drilling a hole at the other end.

These two actions will help you to get a grip on the top of the shaft.

Wear and Tear

As it happens with varieties of scandium alloy shafts, a user will get a couple of dents and scratches as they progress along the length of the shaft.

Sturdy construction helps in getting rid of probable issues. Thus, the users are able to get a maximum of the shafts. That’s it for Brine Swizzle Scandium Lacrosse Shaft.

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