East Coast Dyes (ECD) Carbon Shaft Review | Worth The Hype?

East Coast Dyes (ECD) Carbon shaft – Lacrosse sport is an expensive deal when it comes to offering a wide range of premium products. We do not doubt the ability to deliver quality products and modern technology implemented goods.

Most of the lacrosse goods manufacturer utilizes high-quality materials that increase production expenses, and it reflects on prices.

In this review, we are going to look at East Coast Dyes carbon shafts manufactured for a lesser cost, which is relatively cheaper than predecessors.

The carbon fiber material used in the manufacturing shafts brings endurance, resistance, durability, and lightweight to the maximum extent.


  • ECD maintained the price down considering the new materials used in the manufacturing.
  • ECD implemented the latest technology on the Carbon Shaft model.
  • You wouldn’t have problems with grip and comfort.
  • ECD Carbon Shaft is suitable for the majority of the players.
  • ECD Carbon Shaft has an excellent build quality and lasts longer in the game.


  • ECD should work on giving in-depth details on the product.
  • The availability is the second problem.

Best in Class: The ECD Carbon Shaft

The world has dumped fiberglass technology that was a traditional material used in the shafts. Manufacturers have moved to carbon fiber, which is 10x times efficient than conventional plastic.

East Coast Dyes excelled in making ECD carbon shaft, and they also dumped fiberglass technology. ECD had to move to next-gen technology as competitors like Epoch selling point is Dragonfly lacrosse shafts.

East Coast Dyes launched the product for the attack, midfielders, defense, and goalies. In this review, we are going to introduce ECD Carbon Shaft that will change the course of your game and bring the utmost joy during the game.

I want to inform the readers that ECD Carbon Shaft made up of Carbon Fiber material, and it has plenty of benefits.

  • High stiffness and strength
  • Lightweight
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Low CTE (Coefficient of Thermal Expansion)
  • Chemical resistivity
  • Lasts longer
  • The ultimate level of endurance

Overall, the ECD solution is guaranteed to last longer in the long run, and you don’t have to reinvest to purchase a replacement.

ECD Carbon Shaft suitable for every position

ECD designed the Carbon Shaft for different players in the lacrosse. You can be a middle fielder, goalie, attacker, and defense. You do have multiple color options available to match your outfit.

You can choose Matte Black, White, and Matte Grey. The ultimate comfort level is not comprised by the manufacturer while keeping the retail price lower.

ECD Carbon Shaft Build Quality

The ECD carbon shaft made using Carbon Fiber that is known for being lightweight and healthy at the same time. The ECD solution weighs 176 grams or 6.2-ounces. I would not say that it is the lightweight solution available in the market, but the weight should suffice for medium-sized players.

Everything that I said leads to one straightforward question, and that is how robust ECD Carbon Shaft is?

Carbon fiber is 5X times stronger than steel, which is proven by scientific research. The material is classified as 2X times stiff than steel during real-time testing.

The most exciting part is that the material is lighter than steel and ideal for manufacturing.

ECD Carbon Shaft is Faster & Stronger

ECD implemented React Technology, which has a positive impact on the flex. The traditional shaft size drastically changes after a while of usage because its made from fiberglass.

However, ECD Carbon Shaft won’t experience the same fate because the React Technology allows the shaft to flex and then goes back to its original place. The perfect score of 5/10 on the flex scale makes the laxers to transition smoothly.

Overall, the ECD solution does come in handy and saves plenty of money on the replacement parts in the long run.

ECD Carbon Shaft ECD Shaft Comfort & Experience

Lacrosse players don’t compromise on the gear that doesn’t have a high-level grip. ECD considered several aspects, such as sweaty hands, grip, sticky grip, and more.

East Coast Dyes Carbon shaft utilized “sandpaper-like” textured grip, which improves the hold, and does not even stick.

You have to consider the sweat produced in the hands, and the “sandpaper-like” grip should not have complications at all. Lacrosse is playable in most of the seasons, and the grip technology is suitable for all seasons.

We mentioned the term “sandpaper” doesn’t mean that ECD implemented it. I wish ECD would reveal the materials used in the process so that we could have dug deeper into the consistency of it.

There are different shapes preferred by the players, and East Coast Carbon Shaft follows traditional octagonal shape & slight concave edges on the sides.

You have to conduct your research on the shapes, but most of the players prefer a classic octagonal shape that has concave edges on the sides.

Regardless of our research and opinions, I recommend digging deep into the subject as it can change the course of your gameplay style.


East Coast Dyes is known for lacrosse mesh production and never touched other products from the same line of business.

ECD bought Carbon Shaft to the world, which is their first-ever shaft that has impressive specifications on the paper.

Carbon Shaft is suitable for a wide range of players with different requirements. We have to keep the price point in mind, including features, technology, comfort, and durability of the product, while rating.

Overall, ECD Carbon Shaft is an impressive product that every lacrosse player should keep an eye out while choosing one for the game.

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