Epoch Dragonfly Lacrosse Shaft Gen 5 (C30, C60)/1005 Review

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Epoch Dragonfly Lacrosse Shaft Gen 5 – Lacrosse sport types of equipment mostly made of Alloy, Plastic, and Metals.

The modern technology-enabled new possibilities that have to change the course of the way we think, and brought metal alloy lacrosse shafts to an end. The newcomer Epoch Dragonfly gen 5 made up of 100% carbon fibre.

New players won’t buy new products related to the Lacrosse Shaft as they play a crucial role in the game.

In this review, we are going to lay down Features, Dimensions, PROS, and CONS that will change your mind.


  • Excellent comfort and suitable for all players.
  • Epoch used high-quality materials like Carbon Fibre.
  • Epoch implemented modern technology in goods.
  • Epoch added a customizable cart for players with different requirements.


  • Slightly on the expensive side.

The technology behind Epoch Dragonfly Gen 5 Lacrosse Shaft

Epoch Dragonfly brought a wide range of products for the Lacrosse players. Of course, you wouldn’t understand the number C30, R60, C60, and other names in the first place. Allow us to simplify the model numbers, and iQ5, and iQ7 letters that used to differentiate the products.

Make sure not to miss out on a single point, and focus on understanding the meaning behind model numbers.

Dragonfly Shaft Shape

Dragonfly Shafts have numbers representing the shapes of it such as C, E, X, R, and F. Every letter signifies the form of the lacrosse shaft and notable brands like Brine, STX, and Warrior has always missed this part for unknown reasons.

Fortunately, Epoch lacrosse added multiple shapes to the library in an attempt to meet players’ requirements.

You can check out the forms of the shafts on the official product page and decide, which one suits your play style. By choosing the right shaft, you find the right companion for the game.

Carbon Fiber Lacrosse Shaft

The competitors have been using fibreglass for an extended period to manufacture shafts, which is not an ideal solution. Manufacturers aren’t using higher-quality material because they don’t want to increase the production expenses and adding cheap fibreglass.

Epoch Dragonfly switched to Carbon Fiber, which is known for higher-quality material used in the production of Luxury cars, Airplane, and Heavy machinery.

The robust lacrosse shaft enables the players to move quickly and making a hard pass. Overall, your ability to increase your lacrosse shot speed will improve significantly.

Carbon Fiber is a much more suitable solution as they are lightweight, high stiffness, Strength, Chemical resistivity, Low CTE, and more.

The lacrosse shafts won’t tear & wear easily and can do through rough conditions to make it to the final goal.

Choose Lax Shaft

You will find a number after every model, and it goes something like this Dragonfly B “40”. The name signifies the lax shaft that is 40-inches long. The players get to choose the lax shaft for comfort and positioning during the gameplay.

Epoch Dragonfly Lacrosse Shafts for Attackers and Midfielders

Epoch Dragonfly added three models for attackers and midfielders, and they are C30, X30, and E30 shaft. Most of the new players should be able to find the ideal solution among these three shafts. Of course, if you have never tried any one of them before, then you can choose E30 for the experience.  The preferences determine the flex iQ, and Dragonfly C30 with iQ3 is the first shaft for beginners.

Epoch Dragonfly Lacrosse Shafts for Defense and LSM

The most challenging position in lacrosse is defense and Long Stick Middies (LSM) that requires lightweight solutions. You can grab your hands on Dragonfly C60 and Dragonfly R60 because they are lightweight and you can customize the FLEX for quick momentum. Of course, you can visit the nearest Walmart for testing the Dragonfly C60 and R60.

Epoch Dragonfly Lacrosse Shaft for a Goalie

As a goalie, using a carbon fibre lacrosse shaft like the Epoch Dragonfly C40 shaft will elevate your game. First off, it won’t break from a nasty lacrosse shot. Second, it’s lightweight, allowing you to get to those top corner lacrosse shots quickly. Lastly, the grip on the goalie lacrosse Dragonfly shaft is gritty enough to hold your hand position but slick enough to let you move them.

Epoch Dragonfly Lacrosse Shaft Face-Off Midfielders

The Face-off midfielders need a stiff shaft and specific designers for the players. The “MotoGrip” design brings comfort, while moving in crazy speeds, and improving clamping speed. The “MotoGrip” design also eliminates stress in the hands, and Epoch Dragonfly F30 shaft suits your requirements.

Epoch Dragonfly Lacrosse Box Shaft

Epoch launched Dragonfly C32B BOX for indoor lacrosse, and it offers 32-inches shaft when compared to the traditional 30-inches length. Modern technology enables the Dragonfly C32B BOX to move around indoors easily and also lasts longer when compared to the competition.

Advanced Technology of Dragonfly Lacrosse Shaft Gen-5

Uniform Release: Your coach might call it “Kick Point” which is an impressive way to shoot the ball or pass the ball.

Reload Technology: Reload Technology enables the Carbon Fiber shafts to remain the original form after shooting and passing the ball. Most of the traditional shafts stretch while shooting and passing the ball, and it alters the unique shape in a few months.

Resin: Epoch Dragonfly shafts worked on durability and strength. The brand used chemical surface treatments in the process, which improves the durability of the carbon fibre.

Slip Grip: Epoch Dragonfly lacrosse shafts used a high-quality textured coat that gives an excellent grip in the hands. Meanwhile, you don’t have to worry about over-grip because you can move around faster.

Lower F.A.W: The F.A.W. (Fiber Areal Weight) is lower in MMXV Gen 5 Dragonfly lacrosse shaft, which makes the solution lightweight for the most part. You won’t have trouble moving around while having it in hands.

Bottom Line

Epoch Dragonfly has everything those lacrosse players need to improve the game and to protect the hands. Every Epoch Dragonfly product that we have mentioned in this review is available at Amazon.

You can also visit the official website for more information on availability and free-delivery. That’s a whole review of Epoch Dragonfly Lacrosse Shaft Gen 5 C30.

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