Gait Ice Lacrosse Shaft Review | Worth The Hype?

Gait Ice Lacrosse Shaft Review – As soon as I received these classic GAIT ICE LACROSSE SHAFT, I started comparing and contrasting them with some other models.

Read on to find know what I found out.


These shafts have clean monochromatic looks with a mail style finish. These subtle chains will deliver better appearance and grip.

It boasts in the lacrosse world with flashy gear. The simple design will definitely deliver a classic look.


The shaft shape becomes an excellent one for the youth players. The Gait Liquid Metal distinct “T” shape makes it an excellent option.

There are additional ridges for decreasing the amount of material. Overall, the shaft becomes lighter.

Chain mail finish provides extra grip. Great end cap offers a better grip while shooting. Overall, the ridges lead to the creation of a light stick and a good grip.

Weight, size, styles

Gait develops the lightest sticks that acquire a balance.

So, the player can differentiate between the effectiveness of Scandium and regular versions. There’s a huge availability of Ice Shaft Color and Size Options. 

Some popular Styles are Attack, Defense, Goalie, Middie, and LS. For Attack and Middies, the convenient size is 30″.

For Defense, it is 60″. For Goalies, the size is 40″. For the Long Stick Middies (LSM), the size is 60″.

Now the lightest lacrosse shafts are available without sacrificing strength.

Standard octagonal shapes doing require a concave design. Overall, the user gets a good amount of grip. 

There’s never a chance of the grip running on the planes of the shaft. The addition of tape is also convenient and easy in this higher grade shafts.

There aren’t chances of the colour and grip fading and wearing over time. Anodised finish strengthens the outer layer. 

It’s true that the lacrosse games come with the involvement of both defensive and offensive players. In this regard, the gate ice lacrosse shaft is a handy one for all types of players.

If you want to sharpen your skills as a beginner, we will recommend you to purchase this shaft. It comes in the affordable range with a sleek look and will let you practice on a daily basis.

However, if you are just wishing to play with it for a short time, it’s better not to buy such an expensive shaft.

Why we recommend buying this over the competitive models is that there are new updates brought by the company every year. 

The durability is a striking one that you won’t find in some other models. Some cheap shafts are available on the internet from many stores.

But, the problem is that none of them will be such lightweight like the Gait ice lacrosse shaft. 

Beginners who are always looking forward to the development of their defensive skills will like this shaft because of its excellent features. 


These shafts are excellent options for younger players. Besides, they have the ability to last just fine. These shafts are free from scratches, wear, and tear. 

The ice lacrosse chef from Gait will give you a range of choices. You can decide between the right one that is suitable according to your needs.

The huge range of options makes these shafts stand out. With a price of 89.90, you will get a new and cool lacrosse shaft.

The Bottom Line

The Gait Ice boasts as the best seller for four years. 310 degrees extra strength and durability make it an impressive shaft.

The all-new Ice finish is of the type extremely lightweight C555. There is an added alloy High-strength alloy with anodized finish. 

Final Word

The cheaper lacrosse shafts are pretty cool options for the up-and-coming players.

The Ice is quite stronger when compared to the aluminum alloys. The standard scandium makes them stand out. 

So, they are working remarkably well in the fields of high performance.

With the plenty of features in this shaft, we recommend it for both the junior and senior players. The box lacrosse players will also get multiple outputs. 

Besides, the entry-level to high school players will never be worried about the output.  The Scandium makes it a great one in terms of the high-performance shaft. 

When compared to some other models that have Composite or Titanium, this shaft is an enhanced shaft.

The company works hard to change the pattern every year. So, it starts acquiring a great look. When you’re into aesthetics, it’s worth picking up last season’s model. That’s it for Gait Ice Lacrosse Shaft.

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