Maverik Wonderboy Plus Lacrosse Shaft Review | Worth The Hype?

Maverik Wonderboy Plus Lacrosse Shaft Review – While talking about the Maveric Wonderboy Plus Lacrosse Shaft, you cannot deny that it is a wonderful choice for a new laxer.

It becomes one of the best options for those who are looking to upgrade their game with a light and strong shaft.

With an amazing grip on offer, the Wonderboy Plus becomes a worthy successor of the previous versions. Let us move on to a detailed review of this shaft.

Overview of the Maveric Wonderboy Plus Lacrosse Shaft :

The new octagonal T shape of the Wonderboy Lacrosse Shaft plays an important role in its functions.

Instead of a rounded shape, it provides you with a straight one with an awesome grip to it.

Because of this grip, the Wonderboy Plus becomes one of the best options for any player.

With its awesome new graphics and design elements, it becomes even more attractive.

You get a “Maverik” and “Wonderboy” written on each side of the. This element makes it extremely trendy for youngsters.

You get six colour variants for this shaft which makes it even more on-demand for the Lacrosse players.

With such design elements and that extraordinary grip on offer, you simply can’t miss this Lacrosse shaft while you are looking for one.

That’s not all folks, along with the design and grip the Maveric Wonderboy Plus Lacrosse Shaft also offers you with a great amount of durability.

While playing it can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

With its strongly built design, you can put it to a number of hard tests, but all you would find is that the shaft can easily take a lot of trouble without a single dent in it.

There might be some issues with the graphics ripping off while durability tests but in the end, it is about durability and not the sticker quality.

When compared to other Lacrosse shafts you can easily say that the Maveric Wonderboy Plus Lacrosse Shaft is fairly light in terms of weight.

This lightweight adds up to its practical usage while manoeuvring it. Having such great durability while being fairly light, gives added advantage to players.

Generally, it is not that easy to build such a durable shaft which becomes fairly shaft. But Wonderboy Plus has pulled off this job in a great way.

Players can play their game with great concentration since they won’t have to worry about carrying around a heavier shaft.

Final Words:

After giving a detailed review about the Maveric Wonderboy Plus Lacrosse Shaft, it becomes pretty obvious that it is one of the best shafts in the market.

With such wonderful graphics and design elements and six colour variants, this shaft becomes pretty trendy for this generation of players.

It also stands out being highly durable with a fairly lightweight. The innovative Octagonal T shaped design makes it even more agile and efficient.

With better gripping qualities of this shaft, the players wouldn’t drop their shaft while a crucial moment in the game.

It’s great value for money.

Shafts are all about personal preference, but choosing this one wouldn’t make you regret your decision. That’s it for Maverik Wonderboy Plus Lacrosse Shaft Review.

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