Maverik Xcel Lacrosse Shaft Review | Worth The Hype?

The Maverik Xcel Attack Shaft comes well equipped with all its features from the reputed company Maverik Lacrosse.

The leader is now designing the quality shafts that are made from the scandium alloy. So, with it, you will get the optimum strength and durability.

The light shafts will maintain the signature grade features and shape.

With the shaft, you can get the needed grip that will foster the performance of the players on the lacrosse field. They will get enough comfort while using it.

The appearance is an inspiring one that will appeal for most of the players of lacrosse.

They are also stable due to the combination of the scandium alloy along with upgraded wall thickness.

In every way, you can get the maximum durability without sacrificing the weight.

Maverik Xcel Lacrosse Shaft Features & details

  • The shaft is made from scandium alloy and adequate grip Technology
  • It weighs around 7.2 ounces and is available at a much lower price than other models
  • There is an availability of the thicker wall design for making it quite durable
  • availability of the adjustable butt end and enhanced grip will give an excellent output to the player.
  • The piece provides signature shape from Maverik.

The Company’s Verdict About the Xcel Lacrosse Shaft

The company Maverik says that this is the strongest shaft that comes with the upgraded wall thickness and scandium alloy for maximum durability.

It also says that it has now started listing it on the online portals in different colours and size options.

You will get the colour options on the websites. The styles are like attack, middies, defence, goalies, and LSM.

For the attack and middies, it is better to go with the 30-inch shaft. For defence, the requirement is 60 inches, and for goalies, it is 40 inches.

However, the LSM players can choose for 60 inches ones for a better output.

The piece hails from the original manufacturer Maverik lacrosse and becomes a sturdy stick, especially for the middies and defence.

The strongest piece in the line of the Maverick shafts now will give you the defensive shot sticks that will help you beat out your opponent in no time.

Best box players love this piece for its incredible performance. It is strong with the adjustable slide up and down portions.

You can get the customised output out of it the way you want.

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Our Verdict:

The product directly comes from Maverik lacrosse and becomes a great option for the players who are looking for sturdy and strong sticks over a long time.

Through this review, we want to show you how it will be better choosing this lacrosse stick over the competitors.

If you are looking for the particular playing types, this is the piece that will match your expectations of the lightest lacrosse shaft.

Moreover, it is also a better option than the Carbon fibre or wooden lacrosse shafts.

The excellent Maverick Xcel option will be now affordable and allow you to play both in the backyard or on the competitive Arena.

It’s still suggested to go through the different models before buying.

Final Word:

The strongest shaft in the line now becomes the particular tool for the short defensive sticks, and people who are looking for an option to beat out the competitors.

The new design will never disappoint the buyers.

It gives you an increased level of play due to the large potential parts and works as a piece for the lightweight shaft loving players.

People who like switching to the updated design can try out this model due to its latest technology and Designs.

At the same time, they will get the much-loved features intact in them. That’s it for Maverik Xcel Lacrosse Shaft.

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