Nike Alpha Lacrosse Shaft Review | Worth The Hype?

Nike Alpha Lacrosse ShaftLacrosse shaft are tried by several companies. Nike Alpha is among the premiers on the list. Choosing the right kind of lacrosse is tougher.

The main reason for this is the presence of carbon fiber and wooden varieties.

With Nike Alpha Lacrosse Shaftthe confusion may diminish from your mind. The lightweight variety is easy to handle.

The players will also be able to manage the shaft in easing their entire gaming job.


  • Offered with an in-built strength.
  • Lightweight helps in making these versatile too.
  • The company has designed the product for young and developing talented defenders.


  • Demonstrate two extreme features – optimum cold or hot.
  • Unable to take much stress.
  • Having no natural grip pattern.

The end product from the Nike Alpha

NIKE ALPHA LACROSSE SHAFT is the newest top of the product in this line. The 2015 product are designed to facilitate the defensive-minded players.

These products offer both long and short pole. Despite lighter in weight, these demonstrate strength and sturdiness too.

Experts say that these pieces will surely be seen on TV on the coming Saturdays in the spring.

Thus, the product heckled the price shift in the first run. Now, it is going to observe a prize-winning performance.

Description of the product

NIKE ALPHA LACROSSE SHAFT is the newest top of the line shaft offered by Nike Alpha in 2015.

The design is exclusively made for the defensive players. It characterizes both long and short pole.

People like the lightweight yet sturdiness of the construction.

Big Boys are going to demonstrate their skill with these belligerent shafts.

The Top HS and other collegiate have already enjoyed playing with these beautiful pieces.

Choosing Right Kind of Lacrosse Shaft – Composite V


Ambitious players need advanced level shaft for improving their game standards.

With such morale, expert’s opinion is a mandatory option here. Experts say that such a choice depends entirely on the player’s position.

The attacking players use shorter and lighter shafts. Such shafts allow for additional freedom. It helps them make an agile, aggressive, and purposeful move along the field.

But, NIKE ALPHA LACROSSE SHAFT is made for defenders. Players in this position and defensive midfielders use longer and stronger shafts.

These shafts allow them for a longer reach. Thus, they can throw harder checks at the time of blocking an attacker shot.

Shafts for goalkeepers will stand between an attacker and a defender. The position needs both reach and cover, and agility too.

Altogether there are five shafts in the market. Of these, the composite and alloy devices are most typical. Players choose alternatively from these two options.

Here is a comparative chart of their features, and strengths.


The Composite lacrosse is made of high-grade carbon fiber. On the other hand, the Alloy varieties are made of Metals like C405, Vandium, and similar others


Composite shafts feel heavier to the user. Therefore, users usually feel reluctant to use these. On the contrary, shafts with alloy composition leave light feel in weight.

Users, too, feel comfortable using these. NIKE ALPHA LACROSSE SHAFT is made lightweight yet sturdy.


NIKE ALPHA LACROSSE SHAFT is provided with GRIP TAPE. The built-in grip is a planned feature of these products. Yet, complete installation is still under process.


NIKE ALPHA LACROSSE SHAFT, with the inept lightweight, helps the defending players move along the field.

While the primary purpose is to check scoring shots, there are something for the attacking defenders too.

The offensive defenders or defensive midfielders can use the shaft to help their attacking players score or make a score for themselves. That’s it for Nike Alpha Lacrosse Shaft.

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