Nike Vandal Lacrosse Shaft Review | Worth The Hype?

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The Nike Vandal shaft is now regarded as a pretty cool shaft that hails originally from Nike.

Users have usually reviewed it as one of the most affordable pieces with a high-quality support system.

You will come to know about them Nike lacrosse vandal shaft and the reasons behind its popularity.

It is the best value lacrosse that you can ever find in the present in the market.

The awesome strength to weight ratio makes a perfect for the laxers who are wishing to buy that was left for the first time practice.

Nike Vandal Details

The lacrosse Nike vandal will give you more ideas about the lacrosse shaft and its high-grade performance.

The lightest lacrosse shaft now will give you better performance due to its composition. It has been the lacrosse stick leader over the years.

The Nike handle is a great option that is available at an affordable price and is a pretty new or cool model.

The hottest new addition to the world of lacrosse sticks 2013 has now started showing its engaging performance.

The better strength to weight ratio along with the excellent durability makes this shaft better over the competitors.

While there are many other expensive ice handles available in the market, no one can match up to the quality of this lacrosse shaft.

Youth players and advancing offensive players love this model as the premium choice.

It comes with good graphic designs on it that make it a remarkable one in the line of lacrosse sticks.

The Manufacturer’s Verdict About the Nike Vandal

The Nike Vandal is the high strength 7075 series alloy network give the ultra-lightweight performance.

It comes with a unique profile and combines the smooth edges cum grooves. So, the player will get enhanced control and comfort with it.

It comes with the mild sandblast texture of fitting feel and aggression.

The bold design makes it stand out. The Vandal lacrosse shaft is now available in different colour and size options.

The colours are available on the website you are looking for the stick. The styles are of the type of attack, defense, middies, goalies, and LSM.

For the attack and middies, the recommended option is 30 inches. For defense, it is 60 inches for goalies, it is 40 inches. For the long stick middies, it is 60 inches.

The Vandal attack lacrosse shaft now comes with a similar premium quality like the Vapor lines of shafts.

So, it has now started presenting it’s superior strength to weight ratio and intricate designs that make it good for the developing players.

The 7075 series alloy in it will give the superior strength and handling capacity without making the players feel like it is too heavy.

So, you will get the lightest shaft that does not sacrifice the durability. It presents the unique variation in the octagonal-shaped concave vandal stick.

It will give the quick swaying movement and consistency. In this way, the shaft helps the youngest players master their skills and get good college ranks.

The stick also offers more power on the shots. There is an improved graphic that will show how it utilizes the minimalistic approach.


The Nike Vandal lacrosse shaft is the overall lightweight and durable best lacrosse shaft that is suitable for all levels of players.

The textured surface makes along with the graphics gives massive reliability for working even in challenging conditions.

The Nike Vandal lacrosse shaft has become the top seller in letting you excel in the schools and colleges level lacrosse games.

Defined by endurance, this shaft will give the right move. Versatility in this lacrosse gear enhances speed and range, thus maximizing the playability. That’s it for Nike Vandal Shaft.

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