Nike Vapor Elite Lacrosse Shaft Review | Worth The Hype?

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Nike Vapor Elite Lacrosse Shaft Review – This is the first piece in the Nike flagship line of shafts. The elegant vapor lacrosse shaft is now a lightweight model that will weigh around only 0.2 ounces.

When compared to its previous versions, this is a mark of the elite level performance and strength.

It makes use of scandium alloy for withstanding the aggressive place without the instances of breaking your bending.

Pros: Cons:


· They are comfortable and durable

· These shafts are fast and lightweight


· They are quite expensive



Nike Vapor Elite Lacrosse Shaft Review – A Detailed Review:

The feel and control of the elite lacrosse shaft become a remarkable one that makes use of the sandblasted finish for the improvement of grip and creation of natural feel.

it has the octagonal profile for maximum feel and taking the sports to the next level. There is the availability of enough improved graphics along with the minimalistic approach.

If you are a high school or college player playing in the elite level of the lacrosse games, it’s better to choose the high-end lightweight shaft. It is better for attachment to sports.

The material composition scandium alloy that weighs around 5.7 ounces becomes quite handy for the user. It has the finish mild touch with the traditional rubber and caps.

The colour availability of this model includes black, Platinum, gunmetal, green, red, and royal. The original piece by Nike is now standing out of the crowd for its exclusive features.

The Vapor Elite Lacrosse is similar to the Gait ICE but is a bit stronger and sturdy. It becomes a good option for the college level and high school level players due to its sturdiness.

There are other options like carbon fibre and wooden lacrosse shafts as well. But, lifting them and playing for the strokes isn’t that easy. They aren’t that durable when compared to this scandium elite shaft.

So, if you are wishing to buy a good option that will last for a long span, it’s worth buying the new and cool vapor elite shaft. It will be a quality model for many years.

The shaft makes use of good quality graphics and state of the art technology.

The attackmen and advanced middies love this shaft that serves versatility and performance at the same time.

In addition to everything, these shafts are available at good prices over the competitor.

Review of Nike for its Nike Vapor Elite

Nike proudly says that this piece is the newest member of the Vapor line that has the capability of notwithstanding the constant force.

It is fit for the elite players because the shaft comes with the sandblasted finish that will enhance the firmness.

It holds extensive features for the styles- defense, attack, middies, goalies and LSM. For attackmen and middies, it is 30 inches. For goalies, it is 40 inches. For defense, it is 60 inches and for the long stick middies, it is 60 inches.

This is the shaft that is branded for giving maximum performance. When the player is geared with the proper gloves, heads, pads, these lacrosse shafts are the standard. 

Final word:

The Vapor Elite lacrosse shaft becomes a piece of equipment that will fit your hands. First of all, it has the Nike logo front and centre and is enough attractive to catch the attention of the consumers.

A relatively simple design makes it a leading performer. It is tough but lightweight and will give you the needed output.

It has always got good ratings on the different online shopping hubs because of its excellent performance and competitive price.

If you are looking for a durable, aesthetically appealing, and lightweight model that will become an overall to pick.

Then, it’s worth trying the original Vapor Elite shaft from Nike. The youth and Highschool players will love it. The shaft never tends to bend a break it is also not susceptible to snap or cracks.

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