STX Amp Lacrosse Shaft Review | Worth The Hype?

STX Amp Lacrosse Shaft Review – If you are a Lacrosse player then your Lacrosse would be one of the major and important things in your gear list.

Amidst a lot of options in the market, it might be a little hard for someone to choose the right one for your game.

But while talking about the STX AMP Lacrosse Shaft, you definitely wouldn’t need to worry about anything. 

The STX AMP Lacrosse Shaft would the best shaft that you can get for such a low price.

The best part is that with such a low price on offer, there no need for you to worry about its longevity.

Let us move on to a detailed and elaborated review about STX AMP Lacrosse Shaft.

A Detailed Overview of STX Amp Lacrosse Shaft :

Well the STX AMP Lacrosse Shaft might seem to be below graded considering its price, but you should be assured about the quality and features that it has on offer.

The Shaft fully made of Carbon Fibre which ensures the durability of it.

This Lacrosse Shaft’s prestrung head with enhanced sidewalls provides better endurance and impact resistance to the players.

The STX AMP Lacrosse Shaft scores up quite a few points in the terms of its design.

With a wide array of colours on offer, the players have every liberty to choose the right one for themselves.

The trendy and funky graphics on either side of the Shaft also adds up to the styling of this shaft.

With these design elements, it becomes obvious that no player is going to call this Lacrosse Shaft to be out of fashion.

The octagonal shape of this Lacrosse Shaft contributes a lot to STX AMP Lacrosse Shaft’s efficiency. 

With the medium standard of grip, this Lacrosse shaft ensures that it sticks to the player’s hands.

It might seem to a few that some extra grip would have been nicer, but most players manage fine with the amount of grip that is on offer. 

Due to the use of carbon fibre, the shaft gets the optimum level of strength. But there also comes a question of the shaft to break.

In this case, the carbon fibre material would ensure that the shaft doesn’t break.

In situations where extra force or pressure is added to the shaft, it would tend to bend instead of breaking.

This flexibility becomes a huge plus point to theSTX AMP Lacrosse Shaft.

While talking about the downsides of this STX AMP Lacrosse Shaft, it becomes actually hard to find any.

With such amazing plus points on this price range its hard to expect anything more out of it.

Maybe a few players might find the concave shape to be unsuitable for their style of playing.

But there are always other pricey options for them in the market where they can get their demands fulfilled.

Size Chart for the STX AMP Lacrosse Shaft :

  • The Attack and Middies Lacrosse shaft size is  – 30 inches
  • The Defense Lacrosse shaft Size is – 60 inches
  • The Goalies Lacrosse shaft Size is – 40 inches
  • Long Stick Middies (LSM) Lacrosse Shaft size is – 60 inches.

Final Words:

The STX AMP Lacrosse Shaft would one of the best options for any beginner Lacrosse player.

With the amazing shape and rigidity on offer, this shaft can definitely be considered as one of the best in the market.

Not only for backyard play, but this shaft can also be ideal for the players who are playing in a defensive position or for the position of Goalie.

It would also an appropriate choice for those players who are playing and season-ending game, or for those who are beginners in professional Lacrosse game playing. That’s it for STX Amp Lacrosse Shaft Review.

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