STX STALLION 6000 Lacrosse Shaft Review | Worth The Hype?

STX STALLION 6000 Lacrosse Shaft Review – The original product from STX lacrosse, the STX Stallion 6000 now boasts with its high-end specifications. It is the shaft for the intermediate and beginners.

The alloy lacrosse shaft becomes a cost-effective option for lasting long.

STX STALLION 6000 Lacrosse Shaft – A Detailed Review

After working tirelessly for hours together, we finally came to the review of this stick.

It is fit for the lacrosse players and comes within the affordable range. So, the features make it a premium stick.

There is the availability of every feature including the carbon shaft body.

Middies and attackers will like the pristine body and the head. There are also enhanced side walls that will offer better resistance and long endurance.

The Stallion 6000 Attack Lacrosse Stick is a great choice because of its lightweight.

Sometimes, users usually get startled whether to buy a carbon fibre or a wooden cross shaft.

With us, you can get genuine reviews. We have conducted research before making this review article. You can also check out some other shapes before buying.

STX Stallion 6000-vivid Aspects 

The good solid offering becomes a great model for the advancing youth players. It is also popular for the ones who don’t want to break the bank.

The 6000 series aluminum shaft is a solid and stable one.

The lightest weight stuff is now a market leader that will give you a vivid range of opportunities for mastering the skills in the games.

There are plenty of colour and size options that make it an excellent one. The colours are navy blue, red, forest green, silver, to name a few.

There are also plenty of styles like buddies, attackers, goalies, defense, and LSM.

Matte-anodized alloy ensures the deliver of a lightweight feel. The user can rest assured about the consistent handling.

There is a tonal “Memory Marker” graphics placement for the solid shot. Besides, the pinpoint proper hand also marks the outstanding impact of pass execution.

When one buys this model, he or she can rest assured about the smooth, and non-slip finish

Overall, the model meets with the NCAA and NFHS specs.

Check out the next portion for getting a better idea.

  • Attack and Middies-30″
  • Defense-60″
  • Goalies-40″
  • Long Stick Middies (LSM)-60″

The Inspiration Behind the Model

The inspiration behind this model is the Stallion U 550 head. It works With high pocket placement. Overall, the model boasts with solid shot power.

The Stallion 6000 Attack Lacrosse Stick now is remarkable as the solid go-to for introducing players to mastering core fundamentals and also the games.

The inspiration of the head is the STALLION 200 HEAD. elite Stallion U 550 makes it an integrated model with soft material for providing a forgiving response.

The user will also get the consistent catching along with the ball control. It will also give the introductory players.

Aluminum Lacrosse Shaft- they present the good strength-to-weight ratio.

It is also useful for the player who wants to stick to the advancing technology-based lighter and stronger handles. It serves good to the goalies.

Titanium Lacrosse Shaft- the strength-to-weight ratio of the handles makes them durable handle for withstanding the physical nature of the game.

It is an excellent option for MLL pros.

Composite Stallion 6000 Attack Lacrosse Stick are an output of the high-grade carbon fibre. The shaft flourishes without the requirement of the grip tape.

Alloy Lacrosse Shaft-unmatched feel and weight with the built-in grips lacrosse handles make them better metal combinations.

Scandium Lacrosse Shaft-the The model includes a high-performance element than any other shaft. Therefore, it is better in terms of feel and durability.

Our Verdict:

The Stallion 6000 Attack Lacrosse Shaft becomes an amazing model in terms of the 6000 alloy lacrosse handle.

Moreover, it also works as the shaft of the Stallion 100 complete stick.

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