STX Stallion 7000 Lacrosse Shaft Review | Worth The Hype?

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STX Stallion 7000 Lacrosse Shaft Review – Making a choice of the right Lacrosse Shafts sometimes become pretty challenging.

So to help you with making the right choice about the lightest lacrosse shaft, we are here to guide you.

We will also give you an idea about how beneficial the Stx Stallion 7000 Lacrosse Shaft can be.

STX Stallion 7000 Lacrosse Shaft – The popularity 

STX Lacrosse has been quite noteworthy over the years in the field of lacrosse sticks & Mini lacrosse sticks too.

Among all the others, the STX Stallion 7000 comes at a convenient price of 49.99 And is a high-end model. In this article, you will get a complete overview of the STX Stallion 7000 lacrosse shaft.


The Stallion 7000 lacrosse shaft is a remarkable provide of sturdiness and value to the player wrapped up in one shaft.

It comes along with the strong 7000 series alloy, concave octagon profile, mild sandblast finish, and obviously the Stallion 7000 delivery chamber

STX Stallion 7000 Lacrosse Shaft Features

  • The composition of STX Stallion 7000 is basically the high-strength 7000 series alloy that makes it a durable piece and the best selling shafts in the complete series of STX shaft
  • Mild sandblast finish as well as Aluminum Lacrosse Shaft handles the good ratio of strength-to-weight. Lacrosse players of all ages like this designed piece due to the customized effects or hold.
  • With the advancement in technology, the structure has become lighter and stronger. So, even the higher level lacrosse players use them. Most people and even goalies use them for all positions.
  • Titanium Lacrosse Shaft comes with a higher strength-to-weight ratio that makes them better than the aluminum shaft. Driven by the superior strength, this Titanium lacrosse is capable of handling any amount of the physical nature of the game. They are great for players looking for the most durable handles in the series. The players can rest assured that there will be no problem with sacrificing weight.
  • Again, the Composite Lacrosse Shaft comprises of high-grade carbon fibre, that exhibits great strength and weight. The player will get the ultimate feel and control. With this, you don’t have to grip tape the handles.
  • Alloy Lacrosse Shaftsattains unmatched feel and weight. These lightest lacrosse shafts deliver great strength with added built-in grips. The added portions in the alloy lacrosse add to the uniqueness and advantageous feel. There are certain variations like C405, Vanadium, and other mixed metal combinations.
  • Scandium Lacrosse Shaft comprises of the high-performance element 21. This Scandium lacrosse comes with the highest strength-to-weight ratio that makes it a fabulous option in the lacrosse world. Lacrosse players who would like to get the right positions like this model because of the outstanding feel and durability.


  • There is overall good sturdiness and value in just one shaft.
  • The alloy comes with the mild sandblast finish that ensures no complexities.


  • Some users expect it to be a bit heavier.

Final word

There are definitely numerous models that come with numerous features.

Most great players usually play with great lacrosse that comes with remarkable outputs. You will get every individualized aspect of lacrosse. That’s it for STX Stallion 7000 Lacrosse Shaft.

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