Warrior Burn Pro Diamond Lacrosse Shaft Review | Worth The Hype?

Warrior Burn Pro Diamond Lacrosse Shaft Review – People had been looking tirelessly for the suppliers who will provide them with the sticks that are perfect for the lacrosse players.

Rather than spending around $150-$250 for a premium lacrosse stick, now you can get the all-new lacrosse stick that comes at a cheaper price on most online platforms.

The Killer and carbon fibre shaft are perfect for the middies of all ages.

There is a very strong head with the sidewalls. It gives a better impact resistance along with longer endurance.

The Specialty Warrior Burn Pro Diamond Lacrosse Shaft –

  • The shaft is cheaper when compared to its competitors. It comes from the Warrior and gets an overall rating of 5 on most online platforms. The Warrior burn Pro diamond is a bit different from the insane Warrior diamond loaded with the best technology. It now comes with Incredible features. Read on to find more. 
  • The burn Pro diamond lacrosse shaft with diamond grip finish comes with the crypto Pro Technology. It adds to the lightweight of the shaft.
  • The warrior burn Pro diamond-shaped comes in different colours and size options. The colours are available on the website. The styles are of the types. The attack defence, bodies, goalies and some others love it. You can also go through the sizing guide for finding the preferred model. For attack and middies, it is around 30 inches. For defence, it is 60 inches. For goalies, it is 40 inches. The long stick buddies are around 60 inches.
  • Now they are ready to shine brighter than and are customised for improved speed. The world’s lightest alloy in shafts produce the best quality output.
  • The premium diamond grip texture coating also gives a stylish and perfect touch to all field conditions. The Diamond Grip is a result of the sandblasted texture that is inserted directly into the shaft. Overall the player will get the great touch that is very resistant.
  • The pro burn diamond increases the amount of speed that you can attain while running down the sports field. It will also allow dodging and switching hands with maximum efficiency. The lightness of the shaft ensures that the players can handle it effortlessly and go ahead with the quick release at every condition. The hands will feel good file using the variable burn Pro Diamond.
  • The material and weight are appealing as well. The warrior burn Pro is a very remarkable one when it comes to the lacrosse players. The light body allows the player to run freely with the light handle.
  • Moreover, the warrior burn Pro diamond-shaped comes with the standard 8 sided shape with the regular concave edges. So, you can feel comfortable while using the shaft. The grip is textured for the reduction of variability of feel 
  • Players can use it in different weather conditions. They will deliver consistent and powerful results whenever needed. The shapes are resistant to wear and tear. No matter how bad the weather conditions are, the shaft will remain in its original state.
  • it’s availability in different colours like neon green, black, forest green, orange, red, royal blue and silver makes it quite stylish. 

We can say that the burn Pro diamond shaft is an incredibly tough one that will last longer when compared to its competitive models.

The graphics also on the shaft are well designed that will give a zeal for different practice schedules.

Final word:

If you are looking for the shaft that will feel great and deliver excellent strength to the weight ratio, it’s better to go with the Lacrosse But Pro Diamond shaft.

It will cover you with utility and reliability in terms of its handle. The weight is also an unmatchable one which lets it stand out.

The grip is something that you won’t find elsewhere.

Now experience the coolest playability without any frustrating issues. Players at all experience levels will get marvellous benefits by using this shaft. That’s it for Warrior Burn Pro Diamond Lacrosse Shaft Review.

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