Warrior Platinum Tactical Lacrosse Shaft Review | Worth The Hype?

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The Warrior Platinum Tactical Lacrosse Shaft is designed by Lacrosse Scoop. The task of choosing a shaft that has a lightweight and showing an inept sturdiness is a fairly tough job.

The product is recently upgraded with the induction of innovative technologies. These have slightly more pronounced edges with low key graphics.

These shafts are either made with carbon materials or these are wooden. With the purchase of a WARRIOR PLATINUM TACTICAL LACROSSE SHAFT, you will get a super-lightweight shaft. The company uses the all-time best lax technology in the manufacturing process.


  • · Pocket never is shaped or broken as it is particularly designed for this type of head.
  • · The shaft is directly molded into Evo Warp Head.
  • · The three-dimensional knitting process helps the head work in a completer consort of the pocket restricting the players from adjusting the head or pocket with silly shooters and sidewalls.
  • · Plastic fingers on the bottom help the shaft fit into any shaft receiving end.
  • · Screwing becomes easy as the shaft fits over fingers and under the plastic.
  • · The WARRIOR PLATINUM TACTICAL LACROSSE SHAFT is made from Kevlar Bonds. The material is both lightweight and durable.
  • · Yellow sidewall knits the pocket to the head. Therefore, the players can make a precise and accurate throw.


  • · Both the designers and the players repent that the product is available in one color only.
  • · Designed for amateur and developing players only. Therefore, professionals can’t enjoy the product.

Warrior Platinum Tactical Lacrosse Shaft – Gross Review

The WARRIOR PLATINUM TACTICAL LACROSSE SHAFT consists of a platinum alloy. It is a unique feature among the products of this class. Of now, platinum is more considered as alternative production material.

The reason behind choosing these alloys is their immense strength. Therefore, these provide much resilience than those made from alumina. This alloy offers much sturdiness than the metal showing denting property.

You can trust the durability of construction. The product is known for the high level of sustaining power too.

The product is able to take a huge amount of punishment.  This quality has made it good for intermediate quality players who are working on improving their skills and abilities.

The manufacturer uses innovative technology in building these products. Therefore, the inept beams offer reckoning flexibility at the times the players look to catch and pass the balls.


WARRIOR PLATINUM TACTICAL LACROSSE SHAFT is chosen by most of the players for its comparative lightweight than wooden material. The approximate weight is 7.8 oz. Thus, it is neither too heavy nor too light.

The 30-inches length product has the right dimension for attacking players’ sticks.

The product features an awesome octagonal shape. The perfect positioning of the sides offers a balanced look into it. Flat sides too differ from one another. Some of them are much narrower than the others.

As the peers, the octagonal shape of this shaft offers a secure grip too. The textured area all along its length serves ideally for the users.

These shafts are strategically placed in spots. These are the spots held by most of the players at the time of action. The company acknowledges these spots as Zonal Grip.

The gunmetal color is highly appreciated by the players. Experts suggest this as a brilliant option for players at their youth. 


The study of the review tells us that the lacrosse product has more advantages than the demerits.

The defects like the mono-color option may be changed with more researches and the use of advanced technology.

The designers may use technology to upgrade the product to a professional level. That’s it for Warrior Platinum Tactical Lacrosse Shaft.

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