STX Stallion Hd Lacrosse Shoulder Pad Review | Worth The Hype?

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STX Stallion Hd Lacrosse Shoulder Pad – If you’re looking for the best lacrosse shoulder pads for the attackers, defense or middies, then this pad is the one that will serve all your needs the scoop will be the perfect one for the STX stallion HD lacrosse shoulder pad.

This is the all-new lacrosse shoulder pad that is available in the market with the optimum sizing, price, weight and protection. You will find here everything you need depending upon the lacrosse position you are playing.

You can find the profile of this shoulder pad is something unique that will give you long-lasting stability. The brand STX produces the most specialized shoulder pads that come at an affordable price range.

So, when you buy this lacrosse pad, you can rest sure about adding something precious to the lacrosse gear.

The Inside Scoop available on STX Stallion HD Shoulder Pads

This lacrosse gear is a big-time successor of all times. It comes with the extended back and strong protection for the offensive players who are advancing in the game.

This is the lacrosse gear that will become the incredible best sellers due to its specialized functionality.

The soft exoskeleton protection makes it a level product for the best collegiate players who want to start advancing the game. You can find how beneficial it is once you start using it.

STX Specifactaions- STX Stallion HD Gloves

The new fit system will now comfortable stay that will let the player maintain the natural movement without any hindrance.

The polymer combined and breathable mesh line delivers a relaxing impact on the players. It will also allow the player to stay dry on the field and keep the equipment away from smelling.

One can remove or adjust the pad in the bicep region for the achievement of the maximum comfort. There is increased movement in the sports of lacrosse due to the availability of the air zone.

You can find the STX shoulder pad sizing chart that mentions that the small or youth lacrosse shoulder pads must stay around 4’0” and under. For 6 to 10, the medium lacrosse shoulder pads are of the size 4’ 6’‘ to 5’ 6’‘. For the 11 to 13 large lacrosse shoulder pads, the specification is 5’ 6’‘ and 6.0’‘. For the 14 to 17 extra-large lacrosse shoulder pads, the size is 6’0’‘.

High-end features:

  • HD2 Foam – it works as the brand new lightweight hybrid foam and a protection system in the regions of high-impact
  • HEX Pro – it is quite ventilated and flexible protection that will run along the ribs
  • It has the High-strength, and click-fit buckle system. So, you can get a consistent fit and comfort
  • It has the availability of strategically placed stretch zones. You can see the movement of the pad with the player in the field of dynamic play

How is it better over others?

The lacrosse shoulder pads players usually prefer are the most lightweight and low profile ones.

The lacrosse shoulder pads follow the Thumb Rule for attackers who want the highest protection possible for withstanding the nasty slashes. The defencemen want the mobile LAX liner for lightweight models.

They also look for the speed that will give easy maneuverability. So, if you are looking for the offense of Defence, you must be looking for the added protection with the lacrosse pads. The shoulder pads come with full protection for the attackers.

The customized lacrosse speed comes with the optimum protection for the midfield players. Lacrosse liner comes with low protection and profile for the defensive players. Lacrosse chest protection comes for the goalies.

The STX stallion HD shoulder pad will come with the involvement of the fit system technology that makes it an ergonomic and anatomically designed model.

Final word

Overall, it comes with the trademark high definition Polymer that naturally works for the removal of the bad smells. So, if you are looking for a healthy alternative during a lacrosse game, it worth buying these shoulder pads.

They also come with the most upgraded and breathable mesh to keep you free from excess wet conditions or discomfort.

There are upper arm totally adjustable and removable air zones on the stallion STX.

Now you will get the shoulder pads available now in different sizes like large, medium, and extra-large sizes. That’s it for STX Stallion Hd Lacrosse Shoulder Pad.


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