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Lacrosse gear
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Staying in shape (even in the off-season) is SO important for every dedicated lacrosse player.


Having dedication and determination to stay in shape is one thing


Owning the perfect lacrosse training equipment is also equally important.

Except lax sticks, we have come up with some of the best tools in the market to help you maintain your physique and dominate during the season.

The Top Lacrosse Training Equipment & Gear

The game of lacrosse requires sharp hand eye coordination with power, speed and mobility. In order to achieve all of these qualities, you will have to focus on training in the offseason and year round.

Fitness, Nutrition, and keeping track of all of the hard work put in are important part of improving your skills. We present you the best lacrosse training equipment that will help you do that

#1. Lacrosse Rebounder Trainer

Rebounder is our favourite piece of training gear among all. No doubts at all. Why? Because practice makes perfect.

And the best type of practice you do is passing on your lax wall.

If you keep doing this same movement repetitively, it develops your muscle memory. Soon you’ll do it on impulse.

So, if you practice passing on lacrosse rebounder daily, for an hour then within a month you’ll get perfect.

You’ll no longer have to think about how to pass balls on the field, it will happen naturally.

Use this piece of equipment to practice your passing and catching while becoming more familiar with your stick.

For best results, try to aim for the same target constantly. This will improve your focus and accuracy of the throws.

If you want to make this easier, you can add in a rebounder cover that comes with clearly marked targets such as STX Pass Master.

Start practicing right now and improve your accuracy.

Most of the rebounders are portable and easy to set up. Also the best ones can be angled and can accommodate other sports such as softball and basketball.

We recommend the Victorem Lacrosse Rebounder, a great addition to your lacrosse training gear.

#2. Cradle Baby for Passing & Catching

This little lacrosse training device is pretty cool. What you need to do is attach the strap to the lacrosse head and then to the lacrosse ball.

Now, you can easily cradle, pass, dodge without the ball flying away from the field. This will also avoid losing balls or breaking any stuff around.

This device is perfect for younger players to develop the crading skills. It will let you walk around your house making your skills perfect.

Like we mentioned above about the “Muscle Memory”, Cradle Baby is used for.

This piece is an universal fit, fit for both men and women to work on any shaft/head/stick and makes it easy for more repetitions.

Also when you practice indoors, there’s no risk of ball flying off the field and breaking stuff.

#3. Resistance Band Set

Black Mountain Products stackable resistance band set is simply the best band set on the market.

The ultimate all-purpose resistance training equipment with bands, straps, and a case to put it all in.

This band set allows you to use your surroundings if you don’t have access to a gym.

You can work on multiple large muscle groups and even on smaller ones.

Multiple exercises can be performed, you can work with a single band allowing minimal resistance and with multiple bands stacked one can add more resistance.

One can even anchor the straps to a lacrosse stick to work on stick handling and shooting as well.

It is one of the multipurpose tools we’ve listed which won’t cost you more than $40 and there’s lifetime guarantee on this training gear.

The 48 inch superior quality synthetic rubber bands are suitable for players who are tall, short and in between. You can choose different weights to work with, the weights are color coded.

This set also has a door hanger to increase your exercise options, an ankle strap, an exercise chart, and a case to carry and transport your bands.

#4. Iron Gym Pull Up Bar

The iron gym pull up bar is a trained and tested training equipment for lacrosse training gear.

You don’t need to visit the actual gym, the iron gym attaches to any door frame at your house and allows you to perform a variety of upper body and core workouts.

The iron pull up bar is the staple in the routine of many different fitness professionals due to its versatility in training.

It eases the exercises like chin-ups, sit-ups, crunches, dips and pushups. You can target any large muscle groups essential to the game of lacrosse by training with an iron gym pull up bar.

Pushing and pulling are essential motion in the lacrosse game, with shooting, taking faceoffs, and holding your own against an opponent requiring your entire body to adapt.

This Iron Gym bar can help you conquer the key exercises.

This multi functioning and multi purpose training equipment can become your ultimate trainer for all muscle groups.

The portable equipment is designed to work on all types of body weight exercises. You can move it around from the top of your doorframe to put it on and perform best workout.

#5. Post Workout Blender Bottle

An ideal workout is when you finish it with a healthy protein shake with nutrients, minerals and vitamins that help you recover and build muscles.

The Blender bottle is one of the best pick among lacrosse training equipment for protein shakes.

This blender bottle comes with measurement lines upto 20 oz and with 28 oz space for shaking.

It also comes with a surgical steel grade whisk ball that pulverizes the protein powder and mixes the drink very quickly. The flip cap and large opening makes it easy to wash in the dishwasher.

The adjustable loop helps to hold more and the screw on the lid prevents any threat of spills or leaks. This definitely is worth trying equipment for lacrosse players.

Bid a final goodbye to the low quality shakers and get this great tasting protein shake.

#6. Foam Roller For Stretching

Foam roller are now becoming a very important part of lacrosse training equipment for maintaining fitness.

You can use your own body weight to apply pressure on different parts of the body in order to stretch, lighten and massage the sore muscles.

These rollers come in varying sizes. A 12 inch roller can fit in your bag, while 36 inch can be used at home.

Rolling your arms, legs, back, sides and torso helps to release the extra pressure from the muscles.

It allows more blood flow and helps to cool down after a heavy workout session while your muscles are broken.

Foam rolling after workout or a practice session prevents the danger of any unwanted injuries. It is definitely a must have training equipment.

Myofascial massage is the best type of massage suited for the foam roller to cool down after a hectic training session.

With this cool equipment improve your flexibility, joint range motion, mobility while reducing the risks of injury.

#7. Fitbit Charge Training Watch

Fitbit might seem costlier to you but it is totally worth buying.

The Fitbit charge comes with heart rate monitoring that lets you measure heart rate.

It helps you track heart rate during you’re playing it hard.

You can also track steps walked, distance, calories burned, even sleep patterns.

This device is perfect for pro Lacrosse player who are serious about constantly tracking and improving the game every single day.

Even though it is expensive than other products, you must consider the fact that it can be useful even when you are off the field.

You can easily track your practice sessions and improve on your skills.

And the calories burned during this workout sessions will prove useful to refill your energy level, just when you need it.

This is how you’ll boost your energy and improve skills.

So,you must get this amazing lax training gear without any doubt.

#8. Fitness And Balance Disk

The last but definitely not the least training equipment you may need is here.

The Balancing disk allows you to do exercises with 1 and 2 legs on grippy and unstable surfaces which helps to improve your athletic stability and skills.

This disk needs to be inflated correctly so that your foot can sink in and the body will keep performing exercises while maintaining the balance.

You can perform single or double leg balancing, lunges, bodyweight squats, deadlifts, and so much more.

While using this disc, your body has to constantly adapt to the changing body position in order to maintain stability.

This proves to be very crucial in lacrosse games as you’re always moving on the field. Be it while you’re shooting, passing or defending during the game.

Get this balance disc to strengthen your core, reduce physical instability, decrease the back pain, improve posture and target the overall cardiovascular system. Also, this can be used to manage the excess of stress.

Well, all of these devices are great for lacrosse players but it is important to identify what you have access to and what is necessary.

All of the listed equipments give you the coverage if most critical foundations of any sport such as Strength, power, nutrition and health.

#9. Training Cones & Discs

The Training cones are essential for lacrosse trainers to set up some great lacrosse drills.

You can use them to setup an on-the-fly lacrosse field, allot your players some shooting spots or to setup offensive or defensive drills.

As lacrosse players are always on legs, speed and agility drills are very helpful for work leg and core strength.

And, training at the level of the game will improve performance and reduce the risks of injury.

These training cones must get easily placed on top of each other for storage. Also, you want them to be durable for indoor and outdoors as well.

#10. STX Pass Master Review

The STX Bounce Back Pass Master is a great equipment to fine tune your lacrosse training accuracy on passing or shooting.

This is marked with orange targets, the cover slips over there bounder and gives you the ability to shoot or pass to clearly marked targets.

Improving the accuracy while running and thinking about the rebound is the prime goal of this cover.

This cover is secured by a bungee that loops around the back of the rebounder. It fits most of the 4’ by 3’ mats and frame.

The only product with stars rating on Amazon, it can definitely turn an average lacrosse player into a pro in no time.

#11. Champion Lacrosse Goal Target Buddy

So we did our best research to find the best lacrosse goal targets in the market by actually trying them out.

And we present you the best one, Champion lacrosse goal target buddy.

This comes with everything you can expect from a lax goal target by allowing you to produce accurate shots and hit the most important zones.

The ones where goalies don’t hit. With this amazing equipment you can practice shooting at corners, bounce shots and improving accuracy.

We are totally in love with all the pieces of lacrosse gear guards and stoppers they have manufactured.

The reviews on the Champion goal target are much better than other products available on Amazon.

My Last Stroke for Best Lacrosse Training Gear

These are best lacrosse training gears. Hope you liked it. Please tell us in comments if we miss anything! Cheers!

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