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The year 2020 is here ! Everything is getting advanced, so is Lacrosse Technology. and so We’re listing Lightest lacrosee shafts.

Especially when it comes to weight of lacrosse gear.


No laxer likes being bogged down by heavy lax gear and get slower on the field.

Hence, To avoid this, buying lightest & flexible shaft & gear is the best solution.

Now you must be wondering, where do I get the lightest lacrosse shaft in the world?

Also the lightest lacrosse head? Gloves? Cleats? Helmet?

Don’t worry Laxers, we are here for you (Just like always). We have gone through every product & it’s reviews from multiple players to make a list of the lightest lacrosse Gear available on the internet. So relax, we are here to give answers to the age old questions by all laxers in the house.

Lightweight lax shafts can improve overall athletic performance by reducing the excess weight on the player. Despite being lightweight, these shafts fulfill the promise of delivering the desired results required without compromising the performance & flexibility.

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Here’s a list of Best lax shafts with description & review to help you choose the perfect one. Happy Shopping !

Get The Lightest Lacrosse Shaft In The World

#1. East Coast Dyes Lacrosse Shaft

If you are not familiar with the East Coast Dyes Lacrosse Shafts which is the most loved & recommended product on Amazon, then you’re missing out so much.

This Carbon shaft from East Coast Dyes is lightweight yet super powerful shaft is totally winning the hearts of lax players around the world.

It is a lightweight, made with carbon composite material and highly durable shaft.

Available in all sizes for Attack, Goalie & Defence with 4 different colors.

Product Key Features :

  • Lightweight Composite Material : East Coast Dyes Shaft is manufactured with Composite materials which ensures light weight with high performance. It is one of the  lightest shafts available weighing 176 grams. Also promises high performance & quality.
  • ECD Carbon : This Carbon Shaft is designed with Cutting edge composite materials & manufacturing processes that allows to have high Strength to Weight ratio.
  • Textured Grip :  The octagonal shaped with concave sides,  textured grip gives more strength & feel during the game. It helps a player to hold the shaft more firmly & move smoothly as well.
  • Flex 5 : The carbon shaft will increase it’s shot speed and feel while shooting & passing in the game. It is rated 5 on Flex out of 10 point flex scale.
  • Multiple Positions : Available for all three player positions in the lacrosse game. 30-inch for Attack /Midfield, 40-inch for Goalie and 60-inch for Defense.

#2. Epoch Lacrosse Dragonfly 8

30” Attack lacrosse Shaft

Another great pick of a Carbon Fibre/composite lacrosse Shaft is by Epoch Dragonfly.

It is engineered with advanced aerospace materials like Carbon which makes it lightweight & easily movable shaft.

Surface Veil Technology (SVT) is used to make this shaft Tougher & Stronger.

It is done by adding a layer of engineered material that prevents fractures & increases durability of the product.

These shafts are available in different styles of players : Attack/Midfield, Defense, Goalies and Faceoff.

Product Key Features :

  • Exclusive Surface Veil Technology : The Shaft is engineered with SVT to increase the Toughness of the shaft. Hence, Dragonfly Eight is a Strong & Highly durable lacrosse shaft.
  • 12K Intelligent Weave Technology : It is designed using this technology to stabilize the hands & push technology towards the head of the shaft while passing or shooting in the lacrosse game.
  • Lower F.A.W : Comes with lower Fibre areal weight as compared to other shafts available. Due to being smaller & lighter shaft, these are carbon is tightly oriented which makes the shaft durable.
  • Slip/Grip : Consistent grip is provided though all weather without any fear losing grip or slipping. Also allows to move shaft freely without any hesitation or fear with a textured & strong grip.
  • Kick Point : A natural Kick Point or Flex Point is provided just above your top hand to increase performance while shooting or passing the ball. This feature of Dragonfly produces a uniform release point.

#3. RipWood Solid Wood (Ash) Lacrosse Shaft

Made By Hand in the USA with Jimalax End Cap

The 30” inch Solid Wood Ash Lacrosse Shaft is handmade in the USA with glossy outer coating and heat treated finish with Jimalax black end cap.

Heat treating caramelizes the hard grains to produce a warm & artistic appearance to each shaft. It is available in multi-colors and fits all lacrosse heads without any trouble. I

t is legal for box and field for all levels in lacrosse.

Product Key Features:

  • Durable : The RipWood lacrosse shaft is manufactured by hand in the USA which ensures the high quality materials & highly durable product for the player. It is lightweight & perfectly balanced shaft.
  • Handmade :  Best thing about this shaft is that it is crafted by hand and every player is loving this fact. It is finely crafted and provides a balance while playing.
  • Easy Support :  Being made in the USA, it is very easy to contact the creator of the shaft in case of any queries or complaints. You don’t have to wait to get replies from the staff like other brands.
  • Multi Colors: Available in cool 15 different colors which makes it even crazy deal. Pick any of the colors you wanna show off on the field.
  • Fits To All Lacrosse Heads:  No need to buy different shaft to fit to your lacrosse head. RipWood Lacrosse shafts are fit all lacrosse heads.

#4. STX K18 Lacrosse Shaft 

Attack and Midfield Lacrosse Shaft by STX

The STX K18 Shaft is a highly durable lacrosse shaft made with high strength 7075 series alloy.

It’s design is inspired by Kyle Harrison and visually enhanced with customised K18 details.

This stylish shaft is made for Attack & Midfield, available in two colors: Platinum & Red.

Product Key Features:

  • High Strength : This shaft is crafted with high strength 7075 series aluminium alloy. It is one of the strongest lacrosse shafts available in the market. It prevents shaft from denting or bending which makes it durable.
  • Smooth Finish : A smooth non finish slip finish confirms easy handling and great flexibility while shooting or passing the ball in lacrosse field.
  • Visually Enhanced : Design of STX lacrosse shaft is inspired by Kyle Harrison with K18 customised details. It is one of the coolest looking shafts available on Amazon.

The Lightest Lacrosse Heads Ever

#1. Maverik Lacrosse Tank Universal Unstrung Head

The Maverik Lacrosse Tank is the ultimate defensive machine, an unstrung head designed for power and agility.

It is a lightweight lacrosse head that delivers fierce checks and scoops ground balls effortlessly.

Available at cheaper price without sacrificing the accuracy and performance on the field. Comes with colors: White, Grey and Black.

Product Key Features

  • Level 5 Bottom Rail : The Maverik Lacrosse Head features Level 5 bottom rail designed with New 4-Strust Design for maximum rail support.
  • Wide Scoop : The Tank comes with a wide scoop that allows for picking ground balls with ease and accurate passing. It is stiff and highly durable head available on amazon.
  • Power & Agility : This head is manufactured with True Form Technology which ensures Power & Agility. A perfect head with low price and high performance & accuracy.
  • Highly Durable : As per the reviews of happy users of this head, it took almost 3 years to break. This proves the strength and great durability.

#2. Warrior Evo 5 Unstrung Lacrosse Head

Unstrung Lacrosse Head by Warrior is perfect blend of new technology and accurate design of Lacrosse head.

This head is made with New tilt-tech string hold design which improves pocket tension for an improved ball release.

A stiff lacrosse head with Sym-rail eliminates excess weight which also helps in increasing throwing accuracy.

Also available in Multi-colors like Black, Navy Blue, Red, Royal Blue and White.

Product Key Features

  • New Tilt-Tech String Hold : Warrior Evo 5 Unstrung lacrosse head is made with new tilt-tech string hold that improves pocket tension. This latest technology improves ball release on the lax field.
  • Bottom Rail Designed : This shaft’s bottom rail designed to provide Mid to Low pocket placement for ball control and quick release.
  • Sym Rail : Sym rail in the unstrung lacrosse head eliminates extra weight and helps to move it freely without affecting the performance.
  • Great Durability :  Manufactured without any weird scuffs or marks which ensures Great durability, ball control and throwing accuracy.

#3. STX Lacrosse Duel U Unstrung 

An unstrung Face-off lacrosse head

The STX duel U is a faceoff speciality lacrosse head which is designed to allow the faceoff specialist to dominate on the lax field.

It has a revolutionary patent pending throat plug allows the player to get closer to the ball.

Extra stability on ground balls during the faceoff is one of the highlights of this head.

Product Key Features

  • Faceoff Specialist : This lacrosse head is designed especially for the faceoff specialists to dominate the X on field. It has all the advantages needed to dominate.
  • Throat Plug : The throat plug is revolutionary technology (patent pending) which allows the player to get closer to the ball.
  • Dual Sidewall : Sidewalls of head are optimized with Dual sidewall braces that provide extra stability on ground balls and at key moments of faceoff.
  • Easy Pickup : STX’s Scalloped scoop makes it easy to pick up the ground balls easy and quickly.
  • Additional Torsional Stability :  This head comes with third screw hole through throat plug that provides additional torsional stability. It is compatible with Stx’s duel handle.

The Lightest Lacrosse Gloves

Lacrosse gloves protects hands from injuries during the lacrosse game . This gloves provides protection to fingers.

Lacrosse is a game of high impact attacks & throws which requires strict safety measures and gloves is the perfect way to do the task.

But that doesn’t mean you need too heavy & bulky gloves for protection. Lightweight gloves do same with much more ease and accuracy.

Here’s a lightweight lacrosse gloves that promises safety & great performance as well.

#1. Brine King Superlight 2 Lacrosse Glove  

King Superlight 2 by Brine is the lightest lacrosse in the world. But Don’t take it lightly.

A glove that is light, flexible and never compromise performance.

These gloves keeps you cool during heat by providing ventilation. Textured Nash palms that improves grip, gives extra confidence and control in the game.

Available in attractive colors like : Red, Carolina, Maroon, Navy, Orange, White, Royal.

Product Key Features

  • Superlight & Perfect Fit : King Superlight are the lightest yet very protective lacrosse gloves. They fit perfectly to the hands without even makes you feel if you have them on.
  • Ventilation : TruVents ventilation provides the much needed ventilation to the backhand that keeps your hands cool when there is too much heat.
  • Floating Cuff for Faceoffs : Floating cuff around wrists gives you protection during faceoffs and scooping the ground balls effectively.
  • Textured Nash Palm : This superlight gloves has Textured Nash Palm which helps for better grip on the stick. Also gives much better feel & confidence during the game.

The Lightest Lacrosse Cleats

Lacrosse cleats are one of the most essential equipment in the game. They help to move on the field freely whether it is wet or dry. This cleats provides mobility, stability and prevention from any kind of injuries.

Here is the lightest lacrosse cleats available on Amazon

#1. Under Armour Men’s Banshee Mid MC Lacrosse Shoe

A Lacrosse Shoe with fully knit upper provides a snug, sock-like feet & feel for lightweight support.

This shoe are engineered with synthetic material that covers the toe box and enhances durability.

The 4D foam footbed gives all the comfort & protection that is needed for a player.

Product Key Features 

  • Synthetic Material : Engineered with synthetic material and sole that ensures optimal performance as well as the protection. Helps to avoid serious injuries to the toe or leg.
  • Ultralight, Durable & Translucent : Weighing 10.09 oz these cleats are ultralight that helps you move quickly. Also the quality material used for manufacturing makes this cleats durable.
  • Extended Support & Secure Fit : Neoprene ankle collar ensures extended support that prevents any type of serious injuries. And provides a secure fit without any compromise.
  • Molded TPU Plate : TPU plates are molded & designed in a way to be lightweight & provide superior traction on a variety of surfaces.

The Lightest Lacrosse Helmet

Till now we saw protective equipment for all parts of the body but the most crucial part is Head. Considering the popularity of the lacrosse game, safety is a measure that must not be overlooked.

Helmets are crucial safety equipment that can prevent very serious injuries.

But protection isn’t the only thing you need to look at, comfort combined with safety is a much required combination while choosing a helmet.

We have researched all over the internet to find the lightest lacrosse helmet for you.

#1. Cascade CPX-R Helmet 

Lacrosse is a game where you need to move a lot & move fast. So going on the field with heavy & bulky head is big No.

Cascade CPX-R is a lightweight helmet that features Seven Technology which effectively manage energy transfer.

It comes in a standard size that fits to most without any difficulties. Very comfortable & amazing value product.

 Product Key Features 

  • Seven Technology Liner : Seven Technology Liner System compresses to laterally transfer energy easily. This helps to get ready for the next impact shot within seconds.
  • Perfect Size :  Helmet that comes in a size that fits easily to most players. Great comfort & safety ensured.
  • Chrome Mask – White : Cascade helmet looks cool with the white Chrome mask. Look cool & play safe with this helmet.

The Final Word

Many players make the mistake of going for a shaft that is costly without checking other important parameters like Weight, Mobility & Performance.

We worked our best to bring you this highly detailed & helpful buying guide which will stop you from picking any wrong choice from the market.

What are you thinking ?

Go, grab that perfect shaft & also the winning trophy that you deserve the most !

Because we are done with listing down the lightest lacrosse shaft & gear just like you always wanted to play with.

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