Wooden Lacrosse Sticks Vs Carbon Vs Titanium | Who’s Better?

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If you don’t have an idea about the lacrosse stick, you should consider going through the features.

The common materials making up these lacrosse sticks are bamboo, carbon filter and titanium.

While selecting the lacrosse stick, you should consider the factors. Even if you are a beginner, you will require a good lacrosse stick with high-end capabilities.

Advanced level players definitely require sticks based on the fact that they that designed for attacking or defensive player.

Sometimes, even advanced players suggest that the lacrosse sticks come with the wide base head and lightweight body.

In this article, you will come to know about the different lacrosse sticks, their composition benefits and other facts.

Importance of finding the right quality lacrosse shaft

The quality of the stick is dependent on the material build-up. Lacrosse sticks are available in different material compositions like wood, metal, Carbon, fibre, etc.

The Lacrosse players need to be very careful while selecting the Lacrosse sticks because it comes with essential factors.

The beginner and intermediate level players should have a good knowledge of the Lacrosse stick before buying them.

On the contrary,  advance players already have good knowledge and will select the right one based on the material type.

Advance lacrosse players usually go ahead with buying the Lacrosse sticks with a broadhead. These sticks offer varieties of advantages and disadvantages.

The stick that is better…

Every lacrosse stick comes with individual pros and cons. They are strong and lightweight. Today we will mention here some shaft materials that will make them better in terms of durability.

After working tirelessly for finding the right stick, we find only three materials are compatible for the lacrosse stick players.

Some killer all carbon fibre head lacrosse sticks become perfect for the middies and attackers. They also come with the prestrung head and enhanced sidewalls for longer endurance and better impact.

The 3 Types

#1. Bamboo or Wooden Sticks

The bamboo or wooden lacrosse sticks are booming in the market these days. They become remarkable with excellent features and benefits that make them perfect for professional level players. They are of a defensive type. We will always recommend using a bamboo lacrosse stick whenever you are playing on a small Arena.

Using the wooden lacrosse sticks make them great for offensive and attack players. Wooden sticks are thriving in the market over a long time because they are great in terms of their outstanding results. However the wooden the lacrosse sticks are sometimes a hindrance for the attachment for offensive players.

Some handpicked items you will find on Amazon are worth for defence and attack level players.

The most advance models are-

Attack: Wood Attack Shaft from Burd

Defence: Wood Defense Shaft from Burd

The company is a well recognised one in terms of offering its high-quality wooden durability.

The defence, attack shafts are better for the lacrosse players than some other competitive models. Moreover, you will also get a 1-year warranty on it.

Why are they, pioneers?

The sticks are pioneers in the market because they are engineered with the best specifications. The brand is providing and crafting the most high-end models with a 1-year warranty. These sticks are available, especially for the sports-related purpose.


  • Long-Lasting effect – The wooden sticks are made with quality standards to last for a longer time. The wood is a durable one that will let you rest assured about its stability over a larger time.
  • Stronger Checks and quality control – This is the point that makes this wooden lacrosse sticks different. When it comes to the category of the lacrosse shaft, they undergo several checks and offer better checks on the attackman. You can use them to hit stronger by making sure that you can put down the opponent party.
  • Intimidation Effect – Defenders using the wood lacrosse sticks will find them pretty cool in terms of their styling statement. Moreover, they can be compatible enough to beat out the attackmen. So, if you are wishing to command on the game of lacrosse, this is the shaft to you must-have.
  • High-end specifications– the wooden box lacrosse sticks are ready to use out of the box. These box lacrosse sticks are handmade at traditional lacrosse studios. Bootlace cross strings are made skillfully. Most of the sticks also come with the Field model head, wood that is hand bent, good wood frame, Bootlace, and brown leather type of the handcrafted pocket.


  • Frequent Warping – The well-known fact is that wood starts walking whenever it is vulnerable to moisture and direct water. The wooden sticks are no exception in this regards.
  • Lack of grip– the wooden sticks don’t possess good grip qualities like the traditional Carbon fibre lacrosse shaft. In the game of lacrosse, it becomes essential to look for a strong grip.
  • The low withstanding capacity of heavyweight wooden surfaces- the wooden lacrosse shafts are strong enough. But, using them during the game of lacrosse becomes a drawback. The wooden steps are too bulky when compared to some other materials. This factor makes them an obstacle for withstanding the heavy loads coming towards them. They usually become a serious problem whenever you want to sway them.

The Bottom Line:

When you are strong enough, you can use the wooden lacrosse shafts that will be harder on the opponent.

They are durable but aren’t flexible when compared to some other counterparts.

#2. Carbon Fiber Lacrosse Sticks

This is the newest shaft available in the market. The composite lacrosse shapes are popular in the present days because elite lacrosse players love them for the features. They are becoming favourite among the attack man and offensive players.

The Carbon fibre lacrosse shafts are lightweight and sturdy enough to give a wide range of output. The leading lacrosse shafts are known for their quality based approach and have undergone good engineering processes.

They are also developed with the coating for giving a strong grip. Thus, high-end players can rest assured about playing on all occasions.

The topic wooden lacrosse shaft versus Carbon fibre lacrosse is in the high debate. But you have to go through the features to know what makes carbon fibre shafts better over the competitive models.

The most advance model is-

The Dragonfly Lacrosse Shaft by Epoch

Why is it the pioneer?

is the quality carbon fibre lacrosse shaft that is strongly recommended for its a range of outputs! The lacrosse shaft is designed with improved performance. Material that makes it lightweight along with good durability makes it a top performer.


  • lightweight models– the Carbon fibre lacrosse shafts are lightweight and compatible in terms of the material. This means that players can now play in the games of lacrosse effortlessly and. They can also focus on the game without having the fear of carrying a bulky item. The lightweight model comes with extensive features that will reduce the burden.
  • Strength– the Carbon fibre lacrosse shafts are strong yet not heavy like the wooden lacrosse shafts. This becomes a great advantage in terms of the sports of lacrosse. The Carbon fibre shafts have a better ability to sway when compared to the wooden shafts.
  • Flexibility– when you are using the Carbon fibre lacrosse shaft, you can rest assured about the flexibility that you will get in the shaft. It will give you the shooting high speeds for better playability and focus.
  • Technologically advanced model– the technologically advanced models come with good design engineering and innovation. The legendary items now take new Heights due to the availability of HDResin Technology as well. Some of them also have flexible IQ options that are engineered for changing and redefining the game. You can get the Carbon fibre lacrosse shafts that will be assisting you in the way of lacrosse sports.
  • Good grips– the Carbon fibre lacrosse shafts now make use of the firm grips and textures that will give you better holding capability. The Carbon fibre shafts also will provide a strong grip for the attack and middies. This will give you the required playability for beating out the opponents.
  • Availability of the HDResin– the availability of this resin in most of the lacrosse shafts of carbon fibre will benefit the player in getting the increased performance for the game.
  • Long term warranty– the shafts are good in the market because of their extensive durability, resistance and the industry best quality standards that come with the topcoat and good materials. These specifications will boost them in terms of technological aspects. You will also get the optimised mechanical strength properties that will give impact resistance The engineers now make the new design systems by conducting tests on them and the manufacturing process. The shafts will give direct benefits to the players for getting the increased performance in the game.


  • Too Light – a group of lacrosse players love to go ahead with the models that have medium weight. In this context, the lacrosse shafts that are made from carbon fibre sometimes do not work best.
  • Durability sometimes becomes an issue – some customers have reported that the broken down in the middle of use. Sometimes even during cross-check, they fail to work comfortably.

The Bottom Line:

Carbon fibre becomes once one of the best material for the sports of lacrosse.

So, you can try out this lightweight yet strong and flexible models that will give you advanced level playability.

Players who love performance and easy swaying at the same time will love it.

In this context, the ECD carbon shaft is an excellent option which can give you valuable results in the next sports of lacrosse.

#3. Metal Alloys: Titanium Lacrosse Shafts

The Titanium content in these lacrosse sticks will be lightweight and give a tactical performance.

You’ll also get the handle that presents extraordinary strength and durability. These pieces have the availability of the anodized surface.


  • Unparalleled quality specifications– Some of the best selling lightweight lacrosse sticks that you will find on the websites come with the unparalleled quality handles simple design as well as reasonable price. These pieces also go through the stringent test. moreover, these sticks are also available at incredible prices.
  • Use of high-grade titanium-reinforced alloy- They are also aesthetically appealing where the head can control even the toughest swaying strokes.  Some models make use of the Aerospace titanium-reinforced alloy that delivers the optimum strength-to-weigh ratio. With these quality pieces, you can get the lighting fast response time. You can stay confident that the handle will last for a longed span. Overall, these sticks serve as a professional grade.
  • Lightweight – Titanium shafts are quite lightweight for helping the players go ahead with ease and flexibility. What makes them better is that they are free of paints. All you can find is simple engraving around the regions of the head.


  • Bends– the titanium lacrosse shafts tend to bend. But, at the same time, you can rest assured that they won’t break off. So, you can bend them steadily into the shape you want.
  • Slippery– The metal starts getting wet and loses the grip. Often, the players can find that it totally turns into something that is slippery.

The Bottom Line:

The metal composite and carbon fibre based lacrosse shafts are now ruling the market. The strong and well built Titanium lacrosse shafts are durable in terms of their quality.

It’s good to remember that expensive lacrosse shafts are not always the best. You must go to the specifications if for making the buying decision.

A quick glance at hints regarding the lacrosse sticks

  • For learning, you should find the lacrosse stick that comes with the wide head and easier holding ability will serve. It should also have the flat scope for getting the ground ball pickups. Regardless of the material of the sticks, it must have these features.
  • It’s better to buy the titanium lacrosse shafts because they will give you quick learning skills.
  • When you are new to the arena of lacrosse sticks, you must see to that is short. They become quicker for both the attackers and midfield goalies.
  • You can also get better control than the long stick with the short length ones. These sticks are good for defenders that make it easier to keep the offensive players further away.
  • The lacrosse head that allows intricate adjustments are good for advanced players. These players can adjust accordingly because of their experience. it will also give them a good playing style.
  • Availability of the deeper pockets will also allow ball control and schedule pockets will give quick release. All three materials will give you better controls.


The wooden shafts are popular among players these days too. But, carbon fibre and Titanium versions are becoming better as a part of the lacrosse sticks.

Sometimes picking the best one becomes confusing.

While some lacrosse players might feel light ones are optimised, some others feel that they aren’t durable enough.

You should always look for the configuration and the composition before ordering for one. For the consistent performance, you must also go through the strength to weight ratio.

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